Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Update

I'm constantly laughing at Hayes lately...making funny faces, squealing, trying to untie the bumper pads when he's supposed to be napping, beating his toys against anything that will make a noise, finding all the imperfections in the concrete floors...I could go on & on. :) He's scooting all over the place now...crawling is just around the corner (this is so hard for me to believe)! I really need to start childproofing my house!

My 1st Mother's Day was busy but wonderful! Blaine made an appointment for me to go to the spa on Thursday, then we went to Louisiana to celebrate my niece's 5th birthday on Saturday. Sunday morning was baby dedication - what a joy it was to dedicate our son to the Lord! After church we had a great lunch at Mint (at the Renaissance) with my mom, my aunt, & Blaine's parents.

Right now we're just counting down the days until we go on vacation. We're going to Florida for 2 weeks...I can't wait!!!! I'm hoping Hayes loves the beach as much as Blaine & I do!

Below are a few pics from the last few weeks...

With our niece Alex at her 5th birthday party

At Alex's birthday party

Hayes with his cousins Elisabeth & Alex

On Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Baby Dedication/Mother's Day

Just hanging out

Swinging & loving it!


At the park

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