Thursday, March 31, 2011


We are expecting our second child in August!!! My pregnancy has been great so far...very uneventful. At my doctor's appointment today, I had a sonogram and found out it's a BOY!!!!! My doctor told me that everything looks great with me and the baby! I've been hoping it was a boy but never had any strong feelings one way or the other about what it might be. I'm so excited that Hayes will have a little brother to play with! Now if Blaine and I could only agree on a name...! Below is my favorite pic from my sonogram today...he looks so relaxed with his hands under his chin :)

End of a Hiatus...Hopefully!

So much has happened since my last blog entry so allow me to recap our 2010...

It seems like I blinked and Hayes became a little boy!! When did that happen?? He is such a joy!! He is so sweet and thoughtful, and he constantly makes us laugh with the things he says :) A few of my favorites are "Mommy, you doin ok?", "Why Hayes did that?", and "Why Hayes whining?". He pays close attention to detail and also has a touch of OCD (guess he gets that from his mother!).

We took Hayes on his first trip to the Carribbean in April. We spent a week in Turks & Caicos at the Beaches resort there. Hayes seemed to have a blast!! People were amazed at how fearless he was in the water...that's my little fish! :)

On the beaches of Turks & Caicos

I celebrated my 30th birthday last year and I must say 30 isn't so bad!! :) We enjoyed a family dinner at the Vicksburg country club.

Me at the country club (I miss that tan!!)

We celebrated Hayes' 2nd birthday in September...we had 2 small family parties and took him to Louisiana for a few days. His first trip to the zoo in New Orleans was so much fun! He loved seeing all the animals but I think the elephants were his favorite.

At the New Orleans zoo

For Thanksgiving we took a vacation to the Smoky Mountains with Blaine's parents. We spent one night in Chattanooga then made our way to Gatlinburg where we spent a few days in a cabin up in the mountains. Some of Hayes' new experiences during that week were riding on a carousel, sledding down an alpine slide, riding up a ski lift, and sleeping in a big bed! Great memories!

On Thanksgiving day in the Smokies

Our Christmas was nice but busy...there was a lot to fit into one weekend! Hayes and I made and decorated sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, and then my family came to our house to have dinner and exchange gifts. On Christmas morning Blaine, Hayes, and I had our Christmas together before heading to Louisiana to celebrate with Blaine's family. Not surprisingly, Hayes racked up on toys over the weekend!

Making cookies with Mommy

Note the non-traditional colors of the

icing...that's what happens when I

send Blaine to get baking supplies! haha!

My cousins Britney, Brock, me, &

my grandfather on Christmas Eve

Hayes checking out his

new train table

Christmas morning

Hayes with his cousins Alex & "E"

(as Hayes calls her)

It was a year full of priceless memories and countless firsts! And so far 2011 has proven to have new and wonderful memories all its own!