Friday, November 13, 2009

Hayes' 1st Birthday

Well, I figured I needed to post something about Hayes' 1st birthday before he turns 2!!! :) Ha ha!

After weeks of rain, thankfully we had decent weather for Hayes' big day! Since the ground was soggy, we changed our plans & moved the party into our garage. I thought the monkey & banana theme turned out really cute! The main colors were green, yellow, & brown & I used raffia & burlap on the tables along with stuffed monkeys & real bananas. Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, I never would've had all of the decorations out & food set up until after everyone left if it weren't for my family, especially Mrs. Ann, Angel, & Terri. They were so wonderful while I was running around like a crazy lady!! Once everything got started, I had time to relax. The party was a lot of fun, & we had a good time with family & friends that came. Thanks to those of you who were there that made Hayes' special day such a memorable time for us!

Below are a few pictures from the party...

Table decorations

Us with our birthday boy

The cake

Hayes checking out his cake

My favorite picture from the party! Hayes & his 2 best
friends, Cole & Brady